Growing roots…

Posted on 15/07/2010


So, after several months of intense searching, emailing, confusion, and frustration I’ve decided on where I’ll be taking up residence during my time in Leeds. I looked at A LOT of options–at least 100, if not more–ranging from studio style apartments to houses to modern flats in the city. In the end, the current Rotary scholar in Leeds (Tina, who is, by the way, AWESOME) put me in contact with some of her friends looking to rent their house. After only a day and a half I made up my mind. I mean, with a great price, good location, and beautiful layout how could I say no?

The house is located here

It looks like it is far from the University of Leeds, but it’s really not. It’s about a 30 minute walk (which I’ve been told is not bad in a BIG city) or about a 10 minute ride by bus. While weather permits, I’ll be taking advantage of the outdoors and walking 🙂 It’s located on the edge of Meanwood, which is more of a family oriented style neighborhood, and Headingly, a very student oriented neighborhood that hosts another university (Leeds Metropolitan University). There is also a beautiful park located about 5 minutes away from the house. Yay!

So, I am sure you’re all wondering what the house looks like, right? Well here are some pictures.

This is the entrance:

This is the front garden (all mine):

This is the living area:

The kitchen:

The 1st bedroom:

The second bedroom:

The bathroom:

And, the lovely Meanwood Park:

Alright, that’s all for now. Today has been a long day of work and I need some beauty sleep.

Good night…

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