Immigration Rant..

Posted on 17/07/2010


So, I am all ready to go to the UK, right? WRONG.

I am ready to go to the UK, but I am still waiting on several documents before I can actually embark on my journey. I still have to go have a routine check-up with my doctor, I am still waiting on my Unconditional Letter of Acceptance from the University of Leeds, I still have to buy insurance, I am still waiting on my CAS letter (letter that basically states I have actually been accepted to an accredited UK university), AND I am still waiting on ALL this to be able to:

1. Satisfy the requirements of Rotary International so they can deposit my scholarship.

2. Satisfy UK Border Agency in order to receive my student visa.

I will admit: I have reached the point of “freak out.” Everything was going smoothly until I realized I still had not received a couple of documents from the University of Leeds that I needed for my UK Student Visa application. Then, I was informed the US changed all of their student loan programs this summer and that it would be a while before there were any definite answers as to how US students studying outside the US would go about applying/receiving their loans. I only have 6 weeks left in the US and I haven’t even applied for my student visa!!! Ahhhhhh!

Ok, so this was a rant (as written in the title). I am just worried and nervous and reaching panic mode, and thought you all should know 🙂

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