It’s Almost Time

Posted on 24/08/2010


Good news: Today I found out my UK Student Visa was approved and should be arriving tomorrow morning! I am so relieved. I had not heard anything and was preparing to call the UK Consulate in Chicago this morning, when I opened my email and saw an email from them confirming my UK Student Visa had been approved and had been issued. What a relief. With only a week left in the States I was really beginning to wonder if I was going to board the plane without a passport.

In other news, this past weekend I made a special trip to Pensacola, FL with my sister (Holly) to visit with my Aunt Christy, Mr. Allen, and cousins Susie, Brooke, and Mitchell. We had a WONDERFUL time. We got to spend some quality time on the beach–which I have to say was gorgeous!-and we also got to spend some amazing quality family time together. Major kudos to my Aunt Christy and Mr. Allen for the out of the world spectacular made from scratch Chinese dinner that they made us. I am still tasting the crazy good egg rolls and sweet chili sauce!

After a great trip to Pensacola, I spent my Monday doing several things:

1. I ate at the Bright Star with my mamaw and grandaddy and mom and dad to celebrate my dad’s 45th birthday 🙂 Yay!

2. Picked up some surge protectors to take to the UK with me.

3. Set up my account with Virgin Media for cable, internet, and telephone service (which was quite a comical phone call due to the several misunderstandings/miscommunications due to our distinct accents!). Thanks to the wonderful Jo and Vicky Casey I will have all three services installed and running by the time I arrive in the UK.

4. Said good-bye to my wonderful friend Rynnie K who will be embarking on her own journey here shortly, spending a year in New Orleans doing volunteer work.

Now, I will anxiously await the arrival of my UK Visa and try to get some much needed sleep! Tomorrow is going to be a cousin-filled extravaganza along with a visit to Mrs. Ellen, a special person from my high school days.

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