A New Semester

Posted on 30/01/2011


Hiya! So, since I got back from Ireland lots of things have happened…

I guess the most important thing is that we have decided to move. We love the house we are in right now, BUT we need to better economize. We’ve decided on a small studio flat at 23A Providence Avenue Leeds LS6 (if you want to Google it!). It’s small, but quaint and it will do for now. Here are a few pictures (I’ll post more once we’ve moved in and added our own touch/decorations):

*the top blue dot is where we live now, the middle blue dot is where we are moving to, and the bottom blue dot is my university (I’ll only be a 10 minute walk to my university now 🙂 yay!)

Street View!

Outside view (our flat is in the cream colored house, bottom floor, behind the big tree).

Living Space

The couch is dark denim/gray underneath the cover (we will have it without the pink cover and with our own pillows).

Table-eating/study area!

The kitchen!

the bathroom 🙂

Moving was a difficult decision, but I’ll be A LOT closer to the university in our new flat (saving lots by not having to use buses) and we’ll be saving a great deal on utilities and rent as well. You gotta do what you gotta do, right?

Other than deciding to move… I have been busy getting myself motivated for the 2nd semester of my Master’s program. This semester is going to be more challenging than last semester; on top of having more classes, I’ve got to start working on my final portfolio! I am excited, though, because last semester I wasn’t as motivated in my classes due to the fact that I only had 5 hours of classes and wasn’t at uni a whole lot. This semester I am actually pumped to have almost 10 contact hours and various other activities going on around campus that will keep me motivated and going 🙂

With some classmates, we are also thinking about becoming part of the City of Sanctuary (http://www.cityofsanctuary.org/) by offering English classes to immigrant/refugees/asylum seekers in the city of Leeds. The City of Sanctuary is a wonderful movement in the UK and I would be proud to help Leeds play a bigger role in the movement 🙂 I’ll keep you all posted, as we have a meeting tomorrow to try and better formulate what we’d like to do and how exactly we’d like to do it.

Outside of school, I’ve started back at St. George’s with my English classes for refugees and asylum seekers. I’ve had to miss 2 weeks due to traveling to Ireland and a Rotary event, but tomorrow I am officially back. I was informed that my students really missed me (I missed them too!) so I am glad to be starting back. We’ll be working on time/numbers tomorrow–I’ll be working on materials/lesson plan later today.

AND-I’ve been looking to work in some English camps (where kids from non-English speaking countries come to the UK or go to the US to learn English over the summer) either in the UK or in the US for July/August, and I’ve been offered some interviews. I have a phone interview tomorrow, and then an interview on March 4th in Cambridge and on March 9th in London. So, keep your fingers crossed. I am really excited about the opportunity to work in an English camp–it would be a fun experience and would also be a nice way to make contacts and segway into a permanent teaching position in September. Wish me luck!

Alright… off to do some homework/lesson planning! Later alligators…

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