Freezing February

Posted on 04/02/2011



So, since my last post there’s not TOO much that has happened, but nonetheless I thought I would give you all a short update on things across the pond.

First, I have my first summer job offer 🙂 Yay! It would be with Bucksmore Summer Programmes either in Cambridge or Oxford (depending on staff needs). I would be teaching English as a second language to students coming to England from other countries to learn English, as well as helping with extracurricular activities and outings. I am really psyched about this possibility. I have two interviews coming up in March (4th and 9th) for similar jobs in St. Andrews (Scotland), Cambridge, or Kissimmee, Florida. I am going to weigh all my options, but I will keep you all posted. OH! One small obstacle right now–I have to make sure that on my student visa I can work full-time during the summer months. I think I can swing it, but I have to meet with someone from immigration in the next few weeks to see.

Continuing with “jobs,” I have started working one-on-one with Begoña, a 32-year old woman from Spain. We mainly work on conversation skills. Her husband recently secured a job close to Leeds, and she would also like to find a job, but must first improve her English skills. She has taken over 10 years of English in the school system in Spain, but her speaking skills are still limited. I really enjoy working with her–we work 4 hours a week.

A small update on the progress of our City of Sanctuary idea—we met with a professor of ours who has given us some input as well as other people to contact for advice. This upcoming week I am working on scheduling a few meetings with some of these contacts. Once we have met with these people, we will be organizing some sort of general interest meeting to 1) see how many people are actually interested in a TESOL Society and 2) to collect signature on our application to become a recognized society through the Leeds University Union on campus. I am really excited about the TESOL Society and think we are going to be able to do some really great things. We have lots of ideas at this point, but I will wait to share them with you when we actually decide on what we are going to focus on 🙂

In other school news, this semester I have to begin working on my final project for my master’s course–a portfolio. This basically entails reflections on my learning, evidence of my learning, and a small critical study where I investigate an issue in TESOL that has captured my interest. I have decided for my critical study that I want to focus on ELLs (English Language Learners or EALs as they are called in the UK). I have experience working with ELLs in Alabama as a Title III Tutor in the Tuscaloosa School System, and I really am interested in the programmes and techniques that are used to increase acquisition of the English language among ELLs. A professor has given me a contact within the School of Education that might can help me better decide what I could research/investigate dealing with ELLs, and I am working to meet with her this week. I’ll keep you updated on the progress.

In other news, IT’S REALLY WINDY over here. It’s no so cold, but the wind feels like hurricane-like winds. It’s crazy, absolutely crazy. I thought I was going to get blown over today. I just thought you should know this 🙂

Also, I have been let down two weeks in a row thinking there was a new Grey’s Anatomy episode after Callie’s big announcement (if you’re a Grey’s fan, you’ll know what I am talking about) only to realize there was no new episode until last night. Thus, I will now be leaving you all to contemplate your existence (or do something more worthwhile) while I watch Grey’s Anatomy!

Chaobo. (Bye in Colombian Spanish).

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