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Posted on 05/02/2011


So, this definitely deserve a blog update—last year I found a VERY small and VERY cute little black kitten in the bushes outside the Chili’s on McFarland Blvd. in Tuscaloosa, AL. My plan was to take her the next day (as the day I found her was a Sunday) to the West Alabama Humane Society–I refused to take any animals to the other shelters because they euthanize. Anyway, the West Alabama Humane Society didn’t have any room for more cats at the time. They told me I could be a foster parent until they had more space available (meaning they would cover her vet expenses, etc…). She was so small when we first found her that she would only take a bottle… We soon found a way to make soft cat food enticing 🙂

That small little black fur ball ended up staying with me for about 2 months. We named her Chiki (short for Chiquita, which means “small” in Spanish). She was a mess and LOVED to play. Her favorite thing was attacking my computer. It was cute at first…. 😉

She also enjoyed playing with bags…

and taking naps…

We were SUPER sad when we had to take her to the West Alabama Humane Society (our landlord wouldn’t allow animals). It was a super tough decision. After we took her, we looked at the WAHS website EVERYDAY to see if someone had adopted her. After a few months we noticed she was no longer listed for adoption, but never found out what happened to her…Until today!

On Facebook, I noticed a former classmate, Amy, had posted “We’re gonna be fostering/adopting Chiki… Let’s hope Harley doesn’t kill us in our sleep.” I immediately message her asking for details, thinking it might be my Chiki she was talking about 🙂 AND–IT WAS!!! Amy told me her parents had adopted her last summer, and she was now going to be taking over her care! How cool is that? Amy also sent me some updated pictures of Chiki “all grown up!”

I am so grateful to Amy and her parents for giving our Chiki a permanent home.

Thought you all might like to share in my sublime happiness….

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