Hurricane Winds in Leeds

Posted on 07/02/2011


I just thought I would give you a guys a quick update on the winds around here. Today, the winds are around 35-36 kmph (i.e, about 22 mph) and you literally feel like you are walking in a hurricane. There is no point in trying to fix your hair (the wind immediately creates a wind tornado with it); don’t try to walk with your earphones in (the wind pulls them out), and try to keeps your eyes only open minimally, because if they are too open the wind will make sure some dust particle flies in them (true story–happened to me today).

To show you some visible effects of the wind, I took some pictures on my way home from school…

The massacred garbage cans.

A knocked over and uprooted for sale sign.

Even the road signs tied down with sand bags did not escape the fury of the wind today.

Keeping my fingers crossed that one day I’ll be able to walk without feeling like someone is pushing against me and without the fear of losing an eye to flying debris.

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