School, Interviews, Cooking, More Snow, Groupon, and More!

Posted on 19/02/2011


I feel like I have been frantically running around (sort of like a chicken with its head cut off) since my last post 🙂

First of all, I am sure you see the pictures I post of food on Facebook. I have become obsessed with cooking. All types. I have been baking things like chocolate walnut cookies, strawberry muffins, and banana nut bread. I have also been cooking entrees such as Pad Thai (delicious and my new favorite), Taco Soup, and tonight I am cooking enchiladas. I have been browsing through cookbooks and am now following two cooking blogs (Danielle Cooks and An Epic Change). Danielle Cooks has loads of great recipes, a lot of them mainly veggie focused (which is great seeing how I am not a meat fanatic) and An Epic Change has lots of recipes that are Southern based. If you like to cook, check them out. Also, if you have any recipes you really love, send them my way by posting a comment on here or on Facebook with the recipe!

Feta and mixed herb couscous and sauteed zuchinni.

Taco soup with cornbread and half of an avocado.

Homemade tacos with Colombian patacones.

Pad Thai

Strawberry muffins.

No, I did not cook this–these are samosas from the Kirkgate Market here in Leeds and one of my favorites 🙂

In addition to cooking, we’ve joined a gym here in Leeds. It’s called Pure Gym and it’s in the City Centre. It’s open 24/7 and it’s a recently opened gym so it’s all still new looking 🙂 I’ve only been a member there for a week, so I’ve only gone 3 times so far. However, my new favorite thing (which I had never really utilized before) is the rowing machine. I don’t really like most of the cardio machines—I HATE the treadmill and some of the other cardio machines make my toes go to sleep after 20 minutes. The rowing machine is my perfect cardio friend!

Something else that happened in the last week is that I got a Groupon for a hair cut at the Saks Salon here in Leeds for only £19. I am really stoked, as most of the places I’ve looked at for a hair cut charge between £30 and £50. I’ll be sure to post a picture whenever I decide to get my hair cut. I think my hair is the longest it’s been in quite a while, and I think the reason I haven’t cut it yet is because since it is SO cold here, having long hair doesn’t bother me. In Alabama, I can only let my hair grow from about November-February and come March it all gets chopped off 🙂 Haha.

And speaking of the weather… it snowed again here today! It didn’t snow as much as it has before, but it did reach about an inch and snowed consistently from about 7:45am-1pm. The snowflakes were HUGE and it made everything look pretty. It did, however, all melt within about 30 minutes after it quit snowing.

Since my last post I also got two packages from the USA–one from my family with lots of Valentine’s Day goodies and another one from my cousin! I LOVE getting packages! And, speaking of the mail…If you are thinking of sending any packages, letters, etc… send it to my NEW ADDRESS:

Paige Poole

23A Providence Avenue

Leeds, West Yorkshire


United Kingdom

Package from my cousin, Brittney Poole Wallace

Package from my family (pre-opening)

I’ve also been working on my plant collection, lately. Haha. I already had 2 orchids and a hyacinth plant (that I grew from bulbs) as well as a poinsettia and a mint plant. I now have added a carrot top plant (literally grown from the top of a carrot), a parsley plant, and a gorgeous red gerber daisy. Once we move to the new apartment, I am planning on finalllyyyyyyyy planting the tuplip, narcissus, and other bulbs we bought at the Christmas Market in Manchester back in December. I am pretty stoked and hope they turn out brilliant… I have really wanted to grow tulips for a while, so let’s keep our fingers crossed. I also bought sunflower seeds (to plant at the end of March), some seeds to grow strawberries, and various pepper plant seeds. I’ll post pictures once I have gotten them all planted 🙂 I am REALLY excited about all the things I am growing. I think, though, it could become a detrimental habit, as I am constantly drawn to plants wherever I go. Haha. Maybe it’s thanks to my grandparents and their greenhouse they had when I was little. I still remember picking off the dead flowers with my mamaw, watering the plants with both mamaw and grandaddy, and playing in the garden sand and pebble piles with my cousin Jordan. I loved looking at all the plants they were selling… (OF COURSE I loved being with my grandparents, too!).

(I thought it was only appropriate to include some pictures of my younger self with my lovely mamaw and grandaddy!)

In regards to uni, my classes are going well and I am about to start working on assignments and my final portfolio. I have one assignment due in April and 2 due in June. I am also aiming to have my portfolio done by the end of June (in order to work in July/August). In other words, I’ve got to get pretty serious with my study habits 🙂 I’ve decided my topic for my critical study in my portfolio will be centered around the question: Can the use of reading materials focused on ELLs’ (English Language Learners) first language and heritage culture increase their motivation to read in English (their second language)? I am still coming up with my investigation plan, but I am pretty sure it will include a survey and lots of reading (of course!). I HAVE to get all of this done on time, so that I can spend LOADS of quality time with Caroline Nabors (one of my VERY BEST friends from back home) and my family who will all be coming to visit in May and June.

Alright, keep your fingers crossed–I have my two interviews for summer jobs coming up. The first one is March 4th in Cambridge and the second one is March 9th in London! Eeeeek! Wish me well.

Love to you all!