the move, interviews in London and Cambridge, springtime, and more!

Posted on 14/03/2011


1. The Move

This is an image of what our den looked like the day we moved 🙂 I am proud to say, though that it only took us an hour and 15 minutes to get all our belongings into the moving van and to the new flat! However, it took us about a week and a half to get everything unpacked and organized at the new place, mainly because we were waiting on the delivery of a chest of drawers from the owner.

The new place is a lot smaller than the old place, but we like it and it’s become home 🙂 It’s also loads closer to town and uni!

Here are a few pictures of the new flat.

the den with the bathroom in the corner.

the bed area.

the kitchen.


fresh flowers from the market.

this is our patio visitor. he has an orange friend, too 🙂


23A Providence Avenue

Leeds, West Yorkshire


United Kingdom

2. The Interviews

After the move, I had my first face-to-face interview in Cambridge. My interview was with the International School of Scotland. The interview was in Queen’s College and lasted for about half an hour. The employees I met were nice and full of energy. I have been offered a position with them, but will have more details soon.

After the interview, I met up with another Rotary Scholar, Rachel, who is attending Cambridge. We went punting (i.e. took a boat ride around Cambridge) and had a fish and chips dinner before I headed back to Leeds. I have to say I LOVE Cambridge. It is such a quaint city and FULL of bicycles. Here are a few shots from my day in Cambridge–oh and it was a BEAUTIFUL sunny day 🙂

boats for punting.

king’s college, cambridge univeristy

I had my interview in Cambridge on Friday, March 4th. Shortly after on Wednesday, March 9th I headed to London for a second face-to-face interview with Anglophiles. Wednesday was  a mini-disaster. My original bus to London was late due to a driver not showing up for work, which made me 45 minutes late for my interview. Thankfully, the company was understanding. After my interview I had about 2 hours in London, but I was so tired from my 5am bus ride, that I quickly found somewhere to sit and eat lunch while I waited on my bus back to Leeds. I know, how lame to have been in London and not done anything… The interview, did, however, go very well and the lady that interviewed me said they would love to have me 🙂

Thus, I know how 3 potential job offers to teach English in July/August. I have no idea which I am going to choose as of yet. I still have two more potential jobs and two upcoming interviews. These would be to work closer to Leeds, which would be nice. So, we’ll see what happens. Keep your fingers crossed, anyway 😉

3. Meeting the President of RIBI

For those of you who don’t know, Rotary is split into Rotary International, based in the USA and Rotary International Britain and Ireland. They are all one and the same, however, RIBI has “control” over Great Britain and Ireland and reports back to RI in the USA on certain things. Anyhow, about a week and a half ago I got to meet the President of RIBI at a Rotary Club meeting here in Leeds. It was all thanks to Melvyn that I was able to go and meet him. Here is a shot of us together 🙂

4. Making Japanese Food

Not a very important event, but something, nonetheless, I thought I would share with ya’ll… Last weekend we went to a friend of mine (Fatima-the friend we spent New Year’s Eve with) from uni’s house to eat dinner and hang out. Another classmate, Etsuko (from Japan) brought the ingredients to make a Japanese dish that I like a lot and she let me help her make it 🙂 We had a blast–it was a good night of fun and laughter. Here’s a few shots…

mixing it up.

with Amy (the girlfriend of a classmate, Tatsuya) and Fatima’s daughter, Abi 🙂

Etsuko working on the final steps.

final product.

5. Other Cooking News

I haven’t been cooking as much as I would like to be lately, but I did have the chance to make homemade enchiladas (which were AMAZING), lasagna (for the first time), and homemade pizza (broccoli, sweet corn, and mozzarella).

Hopefully, I’ll have more cooking news soon…

6. Other Random News

First of all, I have given up sugar for lent. I feel like sugar is a real crutch for me sometimes, and it’s definitely something I struggle with and something I want to learn how to better control… Thus, I felt it would be a true sacrifice and for that reason I am giving it up!

Secondly, we saw the cutest bunny EVER at the market this past week. Temptation to buy him was intense…

isnt’ he precious? check out those eyes and that “lion’s mane.”

Thirdly, I saw the biggest strawberries I have ever seen. They are called king strawberries… look them up!

Lastly, I have had a few people ask me what I want for my birthday, so I decided to make a list of a few things (should anyone want to mail/buy me something)…

a recipe book. this one is from Paperchase.

a cute teapot.

a tea thermos (vacuum one, so it doesn’t leak).

orbitz gum–any flavor EXCEPT bubble gum.

This is from Sephora (follow this link).

crest advanced seal whitening strips.

money for my trip to mainland europe with the family in may (you can actually send me

money or have mom/dad deposit it into my US bank account if you’d like to do that…)

yankee candles–i love vanilla lime, buttercream, any citrus scent, thai orchid (something thai), and fruity scents!

yankee uk (if you want to post it to me)

gift certificate/vouchers to lush. website.

sugar free yorks

crystal light–lemonade is my favorite, but i like all the fruity flavors (esp. the strawberry one!)

anything in these scents from victoria secret– coconut passion and good day sunshine 🙂

lacie boyshort panties from victoria secret, size M OR regular bikini style, also size M (and, no, im not ashamed to be asking for unders :)).

Alright… until next time 🙂 Big love to everyone from across the pond!

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