Still Hanging in Dixie

Posted on 21/09/2011


The McAdory vs. Hueytown game was an experience. Hueytown has a pretty awesome football team right now (rumors are flying that they are heading to the state championship) and they creamed McAdory with a final score of something like 47-14. Yeah. Craziness. Even so, I don’t know much about football. I enjoyed being with the family, well really mom and dad, because Holly went with her boyfriend Zach to the game & Houston sat in the student section wearing his lungs out cheering for the team. I did a lot of people watching, had a few thundersticks hit my face, and got to see my cousin Jason and his newly adopted son, Sam (who is such a cutie!).

Somewhere in there is my brother waiting to cheer on the team as the run on to the field!

Holly and her boyfriend, Zach (on the left)

On Saturday, as I mentioned in my last post, I went to the Dixie Reptile Show to help Jeff Clayton sell hognose & corn snakes. I really had a blast at the reptile show. There were all sorts of cool animals there, and what’s better than playing with baby snakes for a few hours? I was a little hesitant about playing with the hognoses, just because they feel different from the snake I’ve handled before, but the baby hognoses were precious, yes precious. They have the cutest nose & are super well tempered. What a temptation it would be to buy one if I weren’t moving continents in a little over a week…

Baby orange phase toffeebelly hognose

Baby red blonde hognose

Adult red blonde hognose

Sunday, mom, dad, Houston, and I went and ate at Johnny Rocket’s, an American diner type place. Most people get hamburgers (as I’ve heard they’re pretty good), but I always get a grilled cheese on wheat, with fries, and a vanilla milkshake (no whip cream), and it’s always delicious. We mainly went, because I wanted to use my Groupon (haha), but it was a good lunch out.

Monday, I had the pleasure of eating lunch with my great uncle, Charles, great aunt, Glynda, mamaw, and mom at City Cafe in Helena. I totally thought of the City Cafe in Tuscaloosa when my uncle Charles told us about it. And, it is similar, in that it’s a meat & 3 veggies type place, but all the staff is Asian, which was a tad ironic since the server kept saying all the food was made with authentic recipes, etc… whatever, the food was good and I had a great time getting to hear funny stories, catch up a bit, and just spend some time with those I love.

After a great lunch, I headed to have a wonderful dinner with my dear friend Rynnie and her family. I got to see her brother Noah, and meet his new wife, Amber as well as say hi to Tano and Tucker, AND hug Mrs. Marsha and Mr. David’s necks 🙂 And, I must give a shout-out to Rynnie for some thoroughly delicious southwestern soup. YUM! After dinner, Rynnie, Mr. David, and I headed to Innisfree downtown to play trivia with some people from Rynnie’s church (BCOC). I have to say, we pretty much kicked butt, considering we won! And not only did we win, we won a wiseman statue–what could be cooler than that?

Team Birthday & our trophy/wiseman!

Today, being a crappy rainy day, I stayed at home & had some bonding time with Penny, cleaned some, and then had dinner at my grandparents’ house.

AND-I found out that the papers I’ve been waiting on to apply for my Colombian work visa are in the mail. I have a tracking number, and the papers should be here Thursday or Friday, which means on Monday, mom, mamaw, and I are making the drive to Atlanta where I’ll submit my application at the Colombian Consulate there. It should only take 24 hours to process my application, meaning I “should” have my passport and, hopefully-fingers crossed, work visa by Wednesday afternoon. If all goes as planned, I will likely be flying out next weekend (~October 1st). Lots to do before then. I can’t believe how fast the time has flown since I’ve been home. Goodness.

Off to watch a movie, now. Later!

ps-HAPPY 25th ANNIVERSARY to my wonderful parents!!!!

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