Baby Cason (I’m an aunt, finally!)

Posted on 04/05/2012


I am finally an aunt 🙂 and, I could not be happier (well, I could be happier if I was actually in Alabama and able to hold and love on that cute little booger). It was torture having to be in an all day (8-5) leadership workshop at the university today…

…because while I was trying to focus on my leadership role as a coordinator, all I could really think about was this amazing little boy that my sister brought into the world today (around lunch time)… When I got home, I was finally able to “meet” the little cutie pie via Face Time.

Introducing baby Cason:

just out of the womb 🙂


check out uncle, Hoop

proud mom & dad

meeting tía, Paige 🙂

I know they are not the greatest quality pictures, but having these pictures with baby Cason on the day he was born is priceless. Today, I am truly thankful for all the amazing technology that we have. I never thought technology could offer me something as great as what it gave me today–the chance to meet my nephew. I can’t wait to see him in person in July, but for now I will be Face-Timing and Skyping with him whenever I can. I already love the little booger to pieces!!!

Until next time,

(officially) tía Paige 😉

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