An oven, some pants, and a baby.

Posted on 06/05/2012


Today, I finally became the proud owner of an oven. Yes, a (counter top) oven. Our apartment here in Barranquilla, like most apartments here, does not have a full size oven, or an over at all for that matter. Here in Colombia (from what I’ve heard and what people have told me), it’s not common to have an oven (and even if you do have one, you don’t use it often), because it consumes too much power–Colombians are very conscious of their energy and water use (for economic reasons more than environmental ones). Thus, Colombians don’t often understand why it has been so torturous for me to be without an oven… Obviously, they don’t know what it’s like to grow up in the “land of casseroles” and baked good, aka The South, and have no idea what kind of home-cooked goodness they are missing out on. No fear, though, starting tomorrow this household will be enjoying delicious food cooked in our very own oven. I am beyond excited, in case you can’t tell 🙂 This oven was part of my birthday present from my parents and is very much appreciated (thank you!). No doubt it will be put to good use (especially with all the recipes I’ve amassed on Pinterest)…

While buying my oven (at Price Smart, a place similar to Sam’s Club/Costco), I also FINALLY found some pants that fit me. They are, though, gringo-brand/US brand from Price Smart as well. Yesterday, we spent the better part of the evening trying on pants at BuenaVista Shopping Mall, with absolutely no success. I had about decided to go to Bogotá with just my two pairs of of jeans I already have, but now will be happily going with more (and, no doubt I will be stocking up on pants while I am home in June/July to avoid further pant fiascos here). I am not sure what’s wrong with my body/Colombian sizing, but pants here seem to be made and sized very different from those back home, even though the venders tell me they use the same sizing as in the US :/ Oh well. I also found some very cute closed toed shoes to take with me on our trip to Bogotá. So, I am now fully equipped and ready for our trip to the land of cold… We are actually very ready for an escape from the increasingly hotter and muggier Barranquilla.

Apart from buying an oven and finally finding some pants, I have been crazily obsessed with my new nephew, Cason. He is such a little cutie. Being so far away is definitely harder knowing that baby Cason is waiting on me in Alabama. I can’t wait to meet him, hold him, and love on him. My family is doing a pretty good job of keeping me updated and sending me pictures and videos, although I can’t wait to actually see him in person. Here’s some of the most recent pictures I’ve gotten from them:

the great grandparents

honey, as my mom wants to be called

the great aunt

pop, as my dad wants to be called

my little ninja!

uncle Hoop

my little glow worm

first time with a pacifier!

heading home

finally at home

snug as a bug

Until next time…

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