Posted on 18/02/2013


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The historic center of Bogotá is my favorite sector of this incredible Latin American metropolis. It is impossible to escape “history” when you are in the city center—practically every street corner marks some momentous moment in Colombian or South American history. Many streets still retain their colonial charm and quite often you’ll find plaques reminding you that you are walking the same streets as Antonio Nariño, the first vice president of Colombia and a monumental figure in Colombia’s liberation from Spain, or Policarpa (commonly known as “la Pola”), a famous colonial and revolutionary martyr and a personal hero of mine. You could spend days, weeks, maybe even months walking the streets of Bogota’s historic center and still not see all the history there is too see, and I could spend hours telling you which places I, personally, think you should visit in Bogota’s historic city center; today I’ll just focus…

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