Posted on 23/02/2013


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During my first stint in Colombia in 2008, as an exchange student at la Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá, I did not fully learn to appreciate festivos, nor did I totally understand what they were other than a day off from school. However, now that I have been working in Colombia for a year and a half, festivos have become my favorite day of the week.

No, festivos are not really a day of the week—although, sometimes it feels like it. Literally, festivo means, “holiday.” However, it’s not the same idea of “holiday,” that someone from the United States (like myself) or many other foreigners would have.  In general, as a non-Colombian, it takes you a while to wrap your head around the concept of festivos and the frequency with which they occur; and, they occur VERY frequently.  In 2013, there will be a total of 17

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