Villa de Leyva: An Enclave of Colonial Charm

Posted on 09/04/2013


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Villa de Leyva is the Barichara of Boyaca. In case you didn’t know, Barichara is called the “Prettiest Town in Colombia,” but Villa de Leyva gives Barichara a run for its money. Villa de Leyva can only be accessed by road, as far I know, but the drive is well worth it as the views and changes in landscape are spectacular. Most people arrive to Villa de Leyva via Bogota, which allows for strategic stops in places like el Puente de Boyaca, the small town of Samaca, and any road stop stand that sells hot and freshly made almojabanas that are famously delicious in all Boyaca.

But, on to Villa de Levya itself. Villa de Leyva is a unique town. Although it’s located within the boundaries of Boyaca, it gives off a vibe that is a combination of down to earth Boyaca, adventurous Santander…

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