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Posted on 16/04/2013


It’s been almost 2.5 months since my last real blog update. I sincerely apologize for that lapse and am working hard to make it not happen again. I have lots of news to share with you all, but the first is: I am going to make an effort to update my blog at least once a week, probably on Saturdays, and add more details and information to the “Hotel and Hostals Review,” and “Places to Visit in…” sections of the blog. It’s a small start to a healthier blogging life.The second two news updates I have to share with you are also part of the reason why I have been neglecting my own blog.

First, I have officially starting working with the wonderful up and coming travel company Uncover Colombia as part of their blog team. I am sure you have seen the post I have re-blogged such as “Colombian Food is not Mexican Food” and “Villa de Leyva: An Enclave of Colonial Charm.” These are some of the posts I have written for Uncover Colombia. The direct link to their WordPress blog is:, if you want to check it out, and the link to their main website where you can find information about their current tours and events is: I am very excited to be a part of this growing and promising company, and can’t wait to see what the future holds as the company really begins to take off.

Secondly, I was selected to be an “Official Blogger” with Colombia Travel, the official tourism section of ProExport, the entity in charge of promoting tourism, foreign investment and trade, and non-traditional exports in Colombia. Their website offers a host of great information about tourism and travel in Colombia. Check it out here: Basically, as an Official Blogger, I will be blogging twice a month through my platform and profile on the Official Blogger website via the ProExport, Colombia Travel website: You can find my profile on the left hand side of the website under the English language bloggers. I’ve just submitted my first official blog post and it’s not yet been officially posted. When it is, I’ll be sure to let you know. Regardless, there are loads of good posts about Colombia written by expats on the web page–make sure you check them out, too!

However, even though that’s a lot of news about my blogging life, there have been lots of happenings in my non-blogging life as well. Those happenings include our trips to Bogotá and Boyacá for Carnaval, a weekend getaway to Medellín, our trip to Peru over Holy Week (semana santa) as well as the purchase of a ticket to Sweet Home Alabama for the end of May/beginning of June. But, more details on that in later posts.

Until then…

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