Must-Know Colombian Slangs: Part I

Posted on 21/04/2013


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This is the first of a multi-post series dealing with Colombian slang. As with any language, there are innumerable slangs that are invaluable for both language students as well as foreign travellers mingling with locals or itching to practice their language skills. In this series, I’ll focus on phrases I think are both commonly used and useful for travellers or expats in Colombia.

So, let’s get to the slang…

 “¡Qué chévere!” “¡Qué bacano!”

Every Spanish-speaking country has its own way of expressing that something is great, fantastic, wonderful, and all around a good thing. In Colombia, there are two extremely common phrases used: ¡Qué chévere! and ¡Qué bacano! I’d say the most common is ¡Qué chévere!, but rest assured that you’ll hear them both if you’re hanging with Colombians. You’ll hear Colombians use these phrases to describe everything from a good meal out, a new movie they’ve seen, a recent trip they’ve taken, a book they’ve read, new clothes they’ve purchased…

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