Visiting Quindio: venturing deep into the Colombian coffee country

Posted on 02/05/2013


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I have visited many parts, regions, cities, and pueblos in Colombia, and I have been blown away on more than one occasion by the beauty of the places I have visited and come to love. However, there is one place in particular that left a mark on me: the small pueblo of Salento in the Colombian department of Quindío.

Before visiting Salento, I had bussed from Bogotá to Cali and from Cali to Armenia, where I caught a bus to Salento. When I arrived to Salento I was bit weathered and ready for a bit of rest away from the big cities. Little did I know, Salento would provide much more than rest. Salento became a small haven in the middle of an exhausting, but amazing trip across Colombia.

The first image I remember of Salento is the brightly coloured and inviting central plaza—one of the…

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