Cartagena and Islas del Rosario

Posted on 11/05/2013


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If you are looking for a tropical destination that can give you not only sand, sun, and crystal waters, but can also lend you incredible historical sites and romantic cityscapes then Cartagena de Indias, Colombia is the perfect destination for you!

Cartagena is the capital city of the Colombian department of Bolívar and is located along the central part of the Colombian Caribbean Coast, between Barranquilla and Sincelejo. Cartagena has long been a hot spot for tourists venturing to Colombia, even before Colombia was considered a “safe” tourist destination. In Cartagena, you’ll see all types of tourists: backpackers, luxury travellers, extended stay tourists, and tourists who have now become expats, having fallen in love with this immediately enamoring Colombian city and have decided to make it home. There is something for everyone in this magical Caribbean city.

Cartagena was declared a World Heritage Site in 1984 (…

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