Must-Know Colombian Slangs: Part II

Posted on 19/05/2013


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This is the second of a multi-post series dealing with Colombian slang. As with any language, there are innumerable slangs that are invaluable for both language students as well as foreign travellers mingling with locals or itching to practice their language skills. In this second post, I’ll continue to focus on phrases I think are both commonly used and useful for travellers or expats in Colombia.

So, let’s get to the slang…

“Dar papaya

This phrase is extremely common in Colombia. I am not sure how this phrase first began, and it has always seemed a bit strange to me. Literally, “dar papaya” means “to give papaya.” However, when you hear someone say, “no des papaya,” they are not telling you to “not give someone papaya.” They are actually telling you to be careful—to not set yourself up or make yourself an easy target. Most…

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