Regional Foods in Colombia

Posted on 21/07/2013


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In previous posts, we’ve talked about the extensive diversity in Colombia in relation to food, music, and weather. In this post, we’re going to focus a bit on the extraordinary culinary diversity of Colombia. As we’ve mentioned before, Colombia is a very “regional” country. And, each unique regional subculture of Colombia includes distinct and delicious culinary traditions indigenous to that particular region. So, to get you better acquainted with these regionally traditional dishes, I am going to highlight some of the most traditional dishes of three of the most visited regions of Colombia—the Coffee Zone and Antioquia, the Caribbean Coast, and Cundinamarca, Boyaca andBogota.

One of my favorite regions in regards to food is the Coffee Zone, including the department of Antioquia. The Coffee Zone and Antioquia are famous for two things: coffee and beans! For some of the best coffee in Colombia, head here…

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