Colombia: Land of Adventure

Posted on 31/07/2013


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So you’re looking for a vacation or travel destination where you can take part in extreme sports? Where you can have an adventure? Even though you might not have initially contemplated Colombia as an adventure travel destination, let me tell you—there are loads of adventures waiting to be had here, especially those involving extreme sports! To show you what I am talking about, I am going to describe some of the most popular extreme sports in Colombia and where you can participate in them. Get ready!

On the Caribbean Coast, you can participate in several extreme water sports including: snorkelling, scuba diving, surfing, wind surfing and parasurfing. For snorkelling and scuba diving, you’ll want to head to places like Taganga (about an hour north of Santa Marta), the Islas del Rosario (an island archipelago an hour boat ride from Cartagena), or San Andres (a Colombian island…

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