10 Reasons I like Colombia

Posted on 24/08/2013


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Many people ask me, “Why do you live in Colombia? What’s so great about Colombia? Aren’t there better places to live?” And, maybe there are better places to live. However, there are many things about Colombia that have kept me here in this beautiful South American country, and today I am going to tell you ten reasons I stay, 10 reasons I like Colombia, 10 things that make me love this beautiful South American country, 10 things that have convinced me to stay a little longer in this magical nation…

1. Diversity

The first reason I’ll give you is diversity. Colombia is packed to the brim with diversity—in flora and fauna, in cuisine, in regional cultures, in national music genres, in climates, in landscapes and everything in between. A uniform monotone country Colombia is not, and for that I am oh so thankful.

2. Flora

I will…

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