10 Ways to Describe Colombians

Posted on 31/08/2013


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Colombians, like their motherland, are a unique bunch of people. In this post, I am going to tell you 10 different ways I would describe Colombians.

1. Polite

Colombians are extremely polite by nature, some regions more than others.  The words “please, ” “thank you,” and “you’re welcome” are words you’ll definitely want to use frequently here and are also words you’ll hear quite frequently in many different ways. The variety of ways you can say and will hear “you’re welcome,” in particular only goes further to show how highly Colombians value politeness. A few of the ways you can say “you’re welcome” are:

  • de nada (of nothing)
  • fue un placer (it was a pleasure)
  • para servirle (to serve you)
  • a la ordén (at your service)
  • con gusto (with pleasure)

2. Coffee Lovers

Being one of Colombia’s most famous national products, coffee is everywhere in Colombia, and Colombians…

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