Colombian Slang Part III

Posted on 31/08/2013


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This is the third of a multi-post series dealing with Colombian slang. As with any language, there are innumerable slangs that are invaluable for both language students as well as foreign travelers mingling with locals or itching to practice their language skills. In this third post, I’ll continue to focus on yet more phrases I think are both commonly used and useful for travelers, tourists, or expats in Colombia.

So, let’s get to the slang…

1. No pararle bolas a alguien o algo:

“No pararle bolas” is a very common expression heard and used all over Colombia that means something very simple: don’t pay attention to someone or something. For example, if you are upset about your classmate telling you that your Spanish is awful, even after 2 months of private classes, your close friend might tell you, “Eh, no le pares bolas”—meaning, “don’t pay attention to your friend” or…

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