Interesting Facts about Colombia: Part I

Posted on 02/09/2013


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Today, I am going to start a series of posts that will focus on interesting facts about Colombia with the aim of introducing you to information about this beautiful country that isn’t common knowledge for most people. Hopefully, these “interesting facts” will make you want to travel and explore this country for yourself even more!

The first interesting fact about Colombia I want to share with you is:

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 Like Colombian coffee, Colombian flowers are of high quality and are prized around the world. Flowers, according to Asocoflores (the Colombian Association of Flower Exporters), are the most important and top-ranked non-agricultural product in Colombia1.  In the United States, three out of every four cut flowers is imported from Colombia1. Total, around 80% of flowers imported to the United States come from Colombia. And, while Colombia exports to around 88 different countries around the world, a whopping…

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