Most Popular Hand-made Souvenirs in Colombia

Posted on 15/09/2013


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As a tourist or traveller in Colombia, you are bound to come across both informal street vendors as well as organized and established markets full of individual booths where both artisans as well as small companies display and sell their handicrafts. Today, I am going to tell you about a few of the most popular hand-made souvenirs you’ll come across in Colombia.

1. Jewellery made from “Caña flecha”

Caña flecha is a plant native to Colombia, normally found around swamps and marshes. It has been used for centuries, and is one of the most traditional prime materials used in handmade jewellery. Caña flecha is used both in its natural colour (a tan/beige colour) as well as in dyed colours (red, pink, green, blue, yellow, orange, etc…) to create an array of bright coloured creations. You’ll find earrings, bracelets in all sizes and widths, necklaces, and rings made from…

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