Sunday Snap: “Tamal Tolimense”

Posted on 16/09/2013


Starting today, I am going to be posting a “snap” a week every Sunday. Basically, “Sunday Snap” will consist of me choosing a picture from my travels/time abroad to share with you. Along with the picture, I’ll tell you 1) a little background information about the picture 2) what the picture reminds me of 3) some enticing information that will make you want to create your own similar “picture” during travels!

Today’s Sunday Snap is: “Tamal Tolimense.”

tamal tolimnesa sunday snap

If you don’t what a tamal (“tamale” in English) is, your tastebuds are seriously missing out. A tamal is a traditional Latin American food, made in many ways with many different ingredients depending on what country or region you are traveling in. A tamal basically consists of dough, normally corn or rice-based, that is mixed with different vegetables (carrots, potatoes, peas, corn, etc…), a choice of meat (normally pork, chicken or hard boiled eggs), rice, cheese, and fruit, depending on whether it is going to be a sweet or salty tamal. All of this mixture is placed inside some sort of leaf or husk and cooked for several hours until ready to eat.

In Bogotá, one of the most common types of tamales is a “tamal tolimense,” a delicious tamal made with a yellow corn-based dough, chunks of carrots, corn, English peas, chicken, egg, and pork. Normally, they are eaten with a traditional cup of Colombian hot chocolate. Mmmmmm…. When I lived in Bogotá, I highly under appreciated these culinary gems, but now that I am living on the Caribbean coast, I really miss these delicious packets of Colombian goodness, and the good company they normally bring with them…

So, here’s to tamales tolimenses and more frequent trips to Bogotá to enjoy them!

Happy Sunday and happy eating,