5 Interesting Colombian Manners

Posted on 21/09/2013


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Just as most other countries around the world, Colombia has its own unique culture, and part of that culture includes a long list of unique and interesting homegrown manners. For the cumulative ~3 years I have lived in Colombia, I have been able to distinguish a fairly good list of frequent and commonly observed manners among Colombians. Today, I’d like to share five of those with YOU!

1. Colombians have and use frequent and diverse hand gestures for almost every situation

Colombians are very expressive when they are speaking, and hand gestures only make conversations with Colombians more exciting and entertaining. There are hand gestures used to mean everything from “you’re out of luck” to “it’s packed” to “bullying,” “stingy,” “drinking,” “that’s bad,” “posh,” “let’s eat,” and more.
The more time you spend talking to Colombians in Spanish, the more hand gestures you’ll observe and quite possibly pick up and…

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