Sunday Snap: Sierra Nevada

Posted on 22/09/2013


Today’s Sunday Snap is a picture taken from my 8th floor east-facing balcony of the Sierra Nevada mountain range.

SundaySnap Sierra Nevada

It’s been a little over a month since my partner and I moved into our new apartment, and until 2 weeks ago we had never noticed that you could see the Sierra Nevada mountain range from Barranquilla (mind you, the Sierra Nevada lies about 100km east of Barranquilla). We noticed the mountains of the Sierra Nevada in the skyline early one Saturday morning as we were eating breakfast. Upon noticing them and realizing what we were seeing was not low hanging clouds, we quickly decided the view was so incredible, that we should eat on the balcony to fully soak in the beauty of the mountains in the distance.

And, ever since, we wake up every morning and look out to see if the mountains have decided to greet us again!

Until next time,