Word Wednesday: “el colmo”

Posted on 25/09/2013


Today’s Word Wednesady is “el colmo.”

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“El colmo” is a common expression in Colombian Spanish. It is used to mean “unthinkable,” “unfair,” or “inconceivable.” You’ll most often hear it paired with the verb parecer, but it can also be used with the verb ser. For example:

“Me parece el colmo que la hermana de Sofía la hubiera dejado sin plata para el almuerzo.”

It seems unfair to me that Sofia’s sister would leave here without money for lunch. 

You may also hear it in heated discussions, customer service complaints, arguments, fights, and passionate speeches. For example:

“Es el colmo que van a dejar que se construya una autopista que cruza la Amazona.”

It is unthinkable that they are going to allow a highway to be constructed across the Amazon.

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