Top 5 Travel Website for Colombia

Posted on 01/10/2013


In honor of World Tourism Day (September 27), I’d like to highlight the 5 best websites I’ve discovered for finding tourism information about Colombia. In no particular order, here you go:

1. Colombia.Travel

Perhaps the most extensive and official website for gathering information about tourism in Colombia is the Colombia Travel website hosted by ProExport and supported by the Colombian Ministry of Culture and the newly founded Marca Colombia group. Colombia.Travel is full of information about almost every region, major city, and popular attraction in Colombia. You can find information in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Chinese, and Japanese.

In addition to official tourism information, you can also check out the Official Bloggers section of the site where you can read blog posts from ex-pats, like myself, living and traveling in Colombia.

cabo de la vela watermark

Cabo de la Vela, La Guajira

2. See Colombia Travel

See Colombia Travel is purported to the number one Colombian travel agency, and has not only a wealth of tours to offer, but also a treasure chest of information via their website. You can find information about major Colombian cities and destinations, as well as read testimonials from people who have travelled to these places. You can also check out the See Colombia Travel blog for more insight into things to and places to see in Colombia.

3. Uncover Colombia

A relatively new company, Uncover Colombia was founded by a group of Colombians–some abroad, some in Colombia– in 2012, and is the only UK travel agency specialized in Colombia. On the Uncover Colombia website, you’ll find information about individual regions in Colombia as well as a plethora of varied information via their blog. Via the blog, you can read experience-posts where tourists and travelers in Colombia have been interviewed about their time in Colombia, what they’ve enjoyed, and advice they’d give to future travelers. Uncover Colombia also offers tours to various regions of Colombia as well as day excursions in Bogotá.

4. Colombia Reports

Colombia Reports is the main English-language news source in Colombia. While you will surely come across general news for Colombia on the Colombia Reports website, they also have a travel section of the website where you will find a host of news pertinent to travel. You’ll find articles about events in different Colombian cities, reviews of attractions, general information about growing tourist destinations, and more.

comfenalco watermark

Some friends having a great time exploring Parque Arví in Medellín

5. Colombia.Co (Marca Colombia)

Colombia.Co, also and more commonly known as Marca Colombia, is also new. It is a brand/branding effort put forth by the Colombian government to improve Colombia’s image and reputation abroad. On the Marca Colombia website, you’ll find an incredible variety of information about tourism in Colombia as well as information about Colombian culture, sports life in Colombia, innovation in Colombia, among other things. You’ll find information characterized by region, by city, and by activity type. You’ll also find “posts” dealing with all sorts of tourism related information and recommendations.

Now  that you are fully aware of and have these incredible sources of information at your disposal, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t start planning your trip to Colombia!

Buen viaje,