Three Reasons You Should Visit Barranquilla

Posted on 12/10/2013


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Barranquilla is often excluded from the list of places to visit when traveling inColombia, or it is only contemplated as a base from which you can travel to places like Cartagena, Santa Marta, or La Guajira. If you previously thought a stay in Barranquilla wasn’t worth it, this post is for you. Today, I am going to tell you three reasons why I think Barranquilla should be on your Colombian itinerary.

1. You can celebrate the second largest Carnaval celebration in the world.

The Barranquilla Carnaval is not only the second largest Carnaval celebration in the world, only beaten by the Carnaval celebration in Rio de Janeiro, but it is also perhaps the most famous and recognized celebration in Colombia. It is one of the most impressive displays of Colombian culture, giving you a taste of everything from the history and influence of African slaves to…

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