Five Must Try Colombian Fruits

Posted on 19/10/2013


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Even though I have lived in Colombia for more than two years, I continue to come across new and surprising fruits all the time. Colombia is full of unique, delicious, and exotic fruits, and when you travel through Colombia, you would be ill advised to not seek out and try some of these incredible fruits. Today, I’d like to tell you about five Colombian fruits you can’t miss.

One distinctly exceptional Colombia fruit you should try is called a lulo. The lulo looks like a bright orange tomato on the outside and has a bright, sometimes neon, green gelatinous fruit on the inside. While most people would have lulo as a juice, it can also be halved, sprinkled with sugar and eaten with a spoon as an acidic treat. If in Cali, you can also seek out the delicious lulada drink made with lulo.

Mamoncillo is another one…

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