Sunday Snap: Salento

Posted on 20/10/2013


Today’s Sunday Snap was taken on a backpacking trip through Colombia that I did in 2008. It shows a glimpse of one of the many charming streets of the small and magical coffee town of Salento, located about 30 minutes outside Armenia in the department of Quindío.

Salento is one of my favorite Colombian pueblos. The people really show you what the definition of hospitality means, the coffee is so fresh–you can actually pick and roast your own, and the landscapes will blow you away. This picture is one of my favorites from my time in Salento, and it brings back wonderful memories of hot chocolate made with panela (unrefined cane sugar), the best bandeja paisa I have ever had, and some of the most astounding encounters with nature I’ve been blessed with the chance to have in the Valle de Cocora.


Until next time,