Word Wednesday: Motoso

Posted on 13/11/2013


Today’s word is “motoso.” Motoso is a word that you will only hear in the interior parts of Colombia, more specifically in Bogotá and the surrounding areas. So, don’t be surprised if you use it on the Coast and people give you weird looks or ask you what you mean!

Motoso is a wonderful noun that means “nap.” You will most often here it used with the verb “tomar”–to take, as in “Voy a tomar un motoso” (I am going to take a nap). This word will be especially useful in post-lunch situations when you want to take a short nap before heading back to work and the land of productivity, although you may also hear parents telling their children they are going to take a “motoso” or tired students planning to fit in motosos between study sessions or classes. I myself like to take a good motoso sometimes between classes sometimes to recharge.



Zoë definitely enjoys a good motoso!

Motoso can also be used as an adjective, though, to refer to a sweater with lots of pills on it. For instance, you might say, “Ugh! Este saco está motoso” (Ugh! This sweater is covered in pills). You could also use it for blankets or any other, typically wool-based, products that have pills.

Happy motoso taking!