Shopping in Colombia: An Introduction to Colombian Brands

Posted on 18/11/2013


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So, you’re in Colombia, you want to go shopping, and you want to buy Colombian brands. Maybe you are shopping for yourself, or maybe you are looking for some sweet gifts to take back to family and friends, but you don’t really know where to start. Well, today, I want to help you by telling you about some well-known and quality Colombian brands that would be great for you to consider when looking for a special souvenir for yourself or buying thinking-of-you gifts to impress your loved ones back home.

Mario Hernandez is a high-end specialty Colombian leather store. If you or someone you know likes leather and you are looking for a nice leather purse, bag, belt, wallet, etc… to take back with you, this is the perfect store to visit. Be prepared to spend a little more than you may be used to, but be assured…

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