Interesting Facts about Colombia: Part III

Posted on 11/12/2013


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Previously, I’ve share interesting facts about Colombia concerning indigenous groups and flowers. Today, I want to focus on two interesting facts that have to do more with history.

1. Colombia used to include Panama within its national boundaries.

For Latin American history buffs, this fact might not be so interesting or new, but for the rest of you maybe it’s a small part of Latin American and Colombian history that you haven’t heard before. Officially, until 1903, Panama was another department of Colombia. How and why, you might be asking, did Panama separate from Colombia? Let me expound…

It all started in the late 1880s when the search in Central America for the perfect location to build a canal that would allow “easy” passage of ships between the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean intensified. Two locations were originally chosen for canal project, including sites in both current-day Nicaragua and…

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