Where to go for Christmas in Colombia

Posted on 11/12/2013


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The Christmas season has officially begun in Colombia, and everywhere you go now is decorated with something Christmas-related—bells, ribbons, trees, snowmen, etc. However, if you are looking for some extraordinarily Christmassy places to visit in Colombia, you should check out the following:

1. Los alumbrados de Medellín (Christmas lights of Medellín)

Medellín is the second largest city in Colombia, but the best-known all over Colombia for its incredible display of Christmas lights. As Medellín lies on the Medellín River, the city government places Christmas lights not only along the river, but also within the river. The lights here are so spectacular that National Geographic even voted them within the top 10 best places to see holiday lights around the world1. As you walk along the river, you will also come across food stalls with some of the most typical Antioqueñan foods as well as special Christmas treats.

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