Help me win succulents in Barranquilla!

Posted on 23/04/2016


I am participating in a succulent contest. You heard right… Succulents. You know, the amazingly cute and super addictive, water-retaining plants that everyone just can’t get enough of.

In Barranquilla, there is a wonderful company called Pachamaticas that sells a wide variety of succuelnts in crafty and creative hand-painted planters. To celebrate their second anniversary, Pachamaticas is holding a contest on Instagram. To win the contest, you had to post a picture of your “green” or garden space, use the hashtag #2aniversarioPachamaticas, and then get people to like your picture after it was reposted by Pachamaticas.

Right now, I am in 3rd place–a place that has no prize, and I need you all to help me get to 1st or 2nd place, so that I can add more happy green to my growing collection.

If you are up for helping, follow this link to my picture and give me a like!



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